Eng. Mahmoud Saad

 Chief Executive Officer


We are an American, Islamic devoted, independent school which offers the American Diploma to students from levels, Kindergarten to Grade Twelve. Our mission is to develop the spiritual, academic, personal and physical growth of each student within an atmosphere of care and concern.  ACIC is dedicated to its Islamic and Egyptian heritage, while being open to all faiths and backgrounds.Academically, we are committed to educational excellence.  We offer an innovative approach to a curriculum that integrates technology, promotes creativity, encourages artistic expression, and actively engages students in exploration and inquiry. While offering academically challenging curriculums, we respect that the goal of education is to nurture children to become questioning and analytical young people ready to move on in the world as learners for life.  This is a process that means transforming information to knowledge, then to wisdom.I believe that here at ACIC; we have an inner beauty because we focus and build on Islamic values, as well as promote confidence and a belief in the greater good.  Thus we ensure inclusiveness of all students - regardless of their nationality, ability, or gender.​


If you have any complaints or suggestions, please send an e- mail to CEO mahmoud.saad@acic.edu.eg