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School Transportation

"Caeser Company"

* Toyota High S bus: equipped with air-conditioning, WiFi,  and surveillance cameras (indoor and outdoor)

* Chevrolet Express bus: equipped with a General Motors guarantee, high qualifications and luxury, air-conditioning for each student, WiFi, insulated windows, surveillance cameras (indoor and outdoor), and leather chairs.


To ensure student safety, all buses are equipped with a GPS system which allows for tracking and control through a

control room on school premises.  In addition, bus speed, location and communication to bus driver are all identified.

Also, each bus has a trained bus monitor, who knows how to deal with students and any problem that may take place.  The majority of bus monitors are university graduated.

Furthermore, bus drivers have high experience and a first degree driver’s license.  They are tested on a regular basis to reassure students’ safety.


 If you have any problem concerning buses please send an e-mail to

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