High Department

A Word from the HS School Director

On behalf of MS&HS staff members, allow me to wish you all a fruitful and enjoyable school year. Our primarily job is to ensure that ACIC students are receiving the best American education that should permit them to join the world’s top universities. Hence, critical thinking and problem solving techniques will be mastered by all our students, along with strong knowledge of our divine Islamic values. It’s our ultimate goal to bring up a new generation of creative thinkers and capable decision makers who can lead, not follow others’ footsteps. A generation fully equipped with the latest information technology techniques together with the best ethics and moral values. Therefore, we should create a stimulating and encouraging atmosphere to ACIC students which will enable them to excel and discover their inner potential. We believe that this is attainable through establishing and communicating reasonable standards of behavior where each student understands the limits of behavior and the benefits of positive actions. That’s why discipline is one of our major concerns. ACIC Code of Conduct rules will be strictly applied and we expect your full support and co-operation.


Thanks for your time. 

 Mariam Elghannam