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Elementary School

I would like to welcome our parents and students to ACIC Elementary School for a new academic year, 2022-2023!  As our new school year begins, we will also be embarking on new and innovative additions both inside and outside of our classrooms.

Our team of enthusiastic and devoted teachers is fully dedicated to providing your child with all that is required to meet their academic and social needs.  In order to do so successfully, we have implemented an educational program that offers a variety of scholastic methods, both academically and in terms of extra-curricular activities. This program allows for students to explore ideas both individually and thru Cooperative/Group learning, Active Learning, Differentiated Instruction, projects, hands-on assignments, activities, Character Building lessons, and motivation in class discussions.​

I strongly believe in maintaining a healthy and constructive relationship between the school and parents and/or guardians.  Cooperation and communication are my mottos in running a successful, professional, and progressive educational system and assuring beneficial results for our students understanding and character building.​


I wish all of you a healthy and prosperous new school year!



Mrs. Neveen Sayed

Elementary Principal

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